Ms Griffin’s Science Week Parachutes!

Ms Griffin’s second class designed their own parachutes, exploring different materials and their properties.
The boys watched a cool video of Felix Baumgartner as he jumped from a helium balloon in the stratosphere. You can see the video here
Inspired by this, the boys worked in pairs and discussed what materials would work best for their parachutes to fall slowly and safely. Different materials were chosen by different groups such as plastic, cotton, tinfoil and paper. They came in all shapes and sizes too. Some of the groups used rulers to measure the sides to make them all the same, and some just cut free hand.
Once finished, 2nd class shared their creations with the class and then discussed what a ‘fair’ test would look like. They tried to decide between dropping them one by one by the same person and timing them, or dropping them all at the same time. In the end, they decided to go for all at once, trying their hardest to make it a fair test by all dropping from the same height at the same time. The boys did this a few times, just in case!
In the end the boys found that the slowest falling parachute was plastic, round and really big. They learned that the bigger the parachute was the more air it caught to fall slower.

Ms Griffin’s Class Create Time Capsules!

Ms Griffin’s 2nd class created their very own 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsules this week to keep, and look back on when they’re older.
They added information about themselves and included artefacts such as family photos and newspaper clippings from this time.
2nd class also spent a lot of time discussing the effects of COVID-19.
They talked about their feelings and ways of dealing with their emotions during this time.
They also talked about positive things that came from COVID-19 such as more family time and an appreciation for the wonderful country in which we live.
The class documented the clever ways they celebrated special occasions such as Halloween and St Patrick’s Day this year.
Lastly, they wrote fantastic letters to their future selves informing them of everything we are experiencing right now.
Well done, boys!
What a super project to undertake!

UN International Day Against Violence and Bullying in Schools including Cyberbullying

Today is UN International Day Against Violence and Bullying in Schools including Cyberbullying which will be marked for the first time on the 5th November 2020 and on the first Thursday in November every year after that.

According to the latest UNESCO report, almost 30% of school children globally have experienced violence or bullying at school.
This can result in significant negative effects including poorer academic achievement, mental health issues, and lower quality of life in general. Children who are frequently bullied are nearly three times more likely to feel like an outsider at school and more than twice as likely to miss school as those who are not frequently bullied. They have worse educational outcomes than their peers and are also more likely to leave formal education after finishing secondary school.

The International Day provides an opportunity for those of us who work with schools to increase our awareness and take further steps to tackle violence, bullying and cyberbullying at schools.

Ireland’s efforts to support International Day Against Violence and Bullying in Schools are being co-ordinated by the team at the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre in DCU.
You can find out more at our website

Other Useful Links
FUSE Anti-Bullying and Online Safety Programme for Schools
Webwise – national resource for online safety
UNESCO Website for Day Against Violence and Bullying in Schools including Cyberbullying
Government of Ireland Action Plan on Bullying

The Government of Ireland has taken very significant steps to support schools in tackling bullying and cyberbullying, and all schools are now obliged to implement the Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools and the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools.

There will be a conference to mark the day, which will be held virtually on 5 November 2020 (from 13:00 p.m. to 15:00 p.m. – Paris time). The conference is being organised by the French Government and UNESCO to mark UN International Day Against Violence and Bullying in Schools including Cyberbullying.

The Conference will consist of a series of live sessions, including interactive round tables with ministers, experts, and representatives of the education community, as well as messages from high-level speakers, celebrities, and personal testimonials. You will find the programme attached.
Representatives of the Scientific Committee will present a summary of evidence-based recommendations to prevent and address bullying and cyberbullying. A document presenting a set of key recommendations will also be made available for the conference.
You can watch the Conference by following us via YouTube or Facebook Live, in English or French. Please find the corresponding links below.

·         YouTube EN:
·         YouTube FR:
·         Facebook Live EN:
·         Facebook  Live FR: