6th class visit the Custom House

Mr Carey’s and Mr Moore’s 6th class boys enjoyed a trip into town today to visit the Custom House. There they learned about the history of the building; from its architecture to the massive fire of 1921.

A very enjoyable and worthwhile trip for all!

Check out some pictures of Mr Carey’s boys on their tour today…


Grandparents’ Day at St Pat’s!

It was wonderful to welcome so many of our third class pupils’ grandparents to our Senior School hall this afternoon for Grandparents’ Day!

An initiative of Catholic Schools Week, Grandparents’ Day provides a great opportunity for pupils, teachers and grandparents to gather, chat and share stories and experiences from the ‘olden days’.

St Patrick’s BNS last hosted this event in 2019 so it was extra special to have the chance to celebrate it again today after a three-year break due to Covid.

As well as a blessing from Fr Paul, Ms Bassett also spoke to the group and shared some of the rich history of St Pat’s.

Beautifully decorated tables provided the perfect space for guests and their grandsons to chat and enjoy the fine selection of sandwiches, treats, tea, coffee and soft drinks on offer; all prepared by our wonderful Parents’ Association.

Special mention to Ms McKevitt’s and Mr Williams’ boys who have been busy doing lots of art and writing activities in preparation for today’s event. Their grandparent interviews led to many interesting conversations and their behaviour throughout the afternoon was exemplary. We’re all really proud of them.

Thanks again to all the grandparents, the pupils, and the PA volunteers, for making today such a success! Roll on 2024!






Chinese New Year at St Pat’s

Ms Quinn’s 2nd class enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week. They were very interested in learning about Chinese traditions for this celebration that lasts for 15 days.

They made some lovely Chinese lanterns and decorated them with pictures and beads. The boys listened to old Chinese stories about Nian the monster and drew some Chinese dragons. They looked at photographs from China which included the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army.

Anna brought in some interesting objects to show us which included; a Chinese calligraphy set, chopsticks and a rice bowl, a red envelope for money, a Chinese book and some money.

Check out the pictures below to see some of the lovely action and art, and Chinese decorations…

Safer Internet Day 2023

Tuesday 7th February marks Safer Internet Day.

At St Pat’s we will be working hard to raise awareness of the importance of Internet safety.

Our Student Council will assist with a poster campaign and will ensure the key messages are spread with visits to classrooms. Special lessons and activities will also be happening around the school.

At later dates we will welcome expert speakers who will talk to pupils, parents and staff at separate events.

Senior classes will also take part in workshops to ensure their safety online, and indeed explore their online responsibilities as well.

Please take some time to learn about Internet safety by clicking on the following links:

Webwise Parents’ Hub

Zeeko Internet Safety Guide