At the end of February Mr Moore’s 6th class boys and the Senior DLD class took part in the ESB Science Blast at the RDS.

Science Blast is a free, non-competitive educational programme for primary schools (3rd to 6th class), that involves the whole class investigating the science behind a simple question.

The following article, written by one of our 6th class pupils, gives an account of the RDS trip:

On Monday the 27th of February we went to the RDS for the Science Blast. Our question was: Do the shoes you wear affect how fast you can run?

For the experiment we decided to do our tests on the DCU pitch. We did a number of tests like sprints and long distance. Then we decided to display the information on a bar chart with different shoes as the bars on the chart.

At the event the judges loved the creative designs of the shoes we drew. They liked our team work and that we were able to work together so that everyone got to try everything.

It was a great experience and everyone enjoyed buying food and looking at other projects. We would like to thank Mr Moore, Ms Collins and Sandra for their help.





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  1. What a great and fun science question to ask!! Super day. Well done to all who made it possible.

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