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6th Class Digital Video Project

During November and December Mr Coyle’s sixth class and Mr Moore’s fifth class undertook a digital video project in conjunction with students from DCU St. Patrick’s Campus. This collaboration afforded the boys an opportunity to create a short film.

The project involved the pupils learning about how to shoot a short piece of video footage. The boys developed many different skills during the project. They initially came up with an idea which they then storyboarded. The boys then wrote and developed a script and collected the necessary props. The following week the boys shot their movies paying attention to the range of shots they could you to convey their idea. Once they were happy with their footage they set about editing it on MacBook’s provided by the college.

 After a lot of hard work and dedication the boys came up with a number of short films that covered many different themes. The college very kindly brought the boys up to the college to view their finished pieces on the big screen! The boys really enjoyed the experience and their finished movies!!!!!!

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