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Bee Aware

On April 29th, 2016 student members of the Green-Schools committee participated in Green Sod Ireland's bee-friendly planting project; "Bee Aware". The students learned about pollination, how to identify common Irish bumblebee species and how to help local bees by making their school garden more bee-friendly. The students and Mr Kilcrann sowed native Irish wild flower seeds in the garden using fresh organic soil from our composter  including oxeye daisy, mustard, clover, rose campion and poppies; all of which provide vital nectar and pollen for foraging bees. The students received native Irish wild flower seeds to take home and plant in pots and flower beds to encourage more bee-friendly planting in the community! Bee Aware seeds are sourced from the Irish Seed Savers Association and include their Wild flower mix and Bee Loving Flower mix" The Bee Aware project is another step on our action plan in helping us achieve our Biodiversity Flag next year.