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One Good Idea - Read the Pitch!

Well done to the boys from 5th and 6th Class involved in the 'One Good Idea' project which is being led by Mr. Kilcrann! The boys pitched their innovative idea to the senior school during assembly on Friday the 5th of February. We were all very impressed with their idea!......Please read pitch below! Don't forget the competition to design the Logo for their 'One Good Idea'. Entries to be handed in before next Friday the 12th of February on an A4 sheet.





I’m Ben and I’m here to talk about our idea to help climate change. OK, so you have heard Arthur talk about how badly climate change is affecting our country and our planet, so this is why we decided to use this project. one because it saves money and two because it helps save the world. So we need you to promote the idea and help save the world.




Our one good idea is to place bikes in the school that generate electricity. These bikes will generate 24 hours of electricity if you cycle for one hour. We will need about 7-8 bikes placed in the school. The bikes are stationary so that means that they will be mounted to the ground. We were thinking that if we got the bikes you'll cycle for about 5 minutes’ maximum per day. We will also set up an extra PE where you cycle them. The bikes will cost about 1250$ but we will quickly regain the money by earning the electricity. Also these bikes will be a good source of exercise. The bikes can store energy so it can be a backup power supply, so school is never out yayyyyyyy!!??They aren't shaped like the normal exercise bikes, they are like hospital beds with peddles at the back. We will probably put the bikes on the roof due to it being a legitimate source of space. If we put them on the roof you will be safe because we will put up railings, also there will be a giant rain sheeter put up so you don’t get soaked. The bikes will be fun to cycle with your friends. We will have friendly cycling competitions on sports day or the Halloween fair and the winner will probably get a prize. We will also set up an after school group which cycles the bikes and when your having your break so you can do your homework if you want to. Now onto Hugh who will discuss how much we actually save money wise. Thanks for listening