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Trip to Drumcondra Graveyard

Mr Kilcrann together with Brian and Peter from the History department of St Patrick's College are coordinating a very interesting programme after mid term with the senior classes in the school.
With this in mind Mr Kilcrann took a group to visit the local Drumcondra Graveyard, to get a sense of the historical context in which our local Graveyard and Church is located. The boys were set various tasks and challenges on the day, and all were extremely well versed in their responses to the task on dates, abbreviations, old english phrases, unusual headstones etc. This trip will form part of a bigger teaching and learning that the boys will be partaking in later in the school year. Can any of you tell us what the "S" on the postbox stands for, answers to Mr Kilcrann to win yourself a prize!!! (the boys already knew what the "E"stood for)