Monday, Feb 17th

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Here are some photographs of our assembly which was held on Tuesday the 24th of March. Our Dublin spelling champion Jean-Ted told the school about his experience at the recent Eason's Spelling Bee Competition. Ms. Lyons, Mr. Flaherty and Mr. Moore spoke about the different sports in the school and congratulated all the players from each sport who have played so well all year! Ms. Bowe announced that training for athletics will commence after the Easter Break.

Mr. Kilcrann gave the deserving winners of the Green Schools' Project competition a tasty treat each with Ms. Gilligan's class getting a special mention for a fantastic project on sustainable means of transport!

Mrs. Daly spoke about the Confirmation and Communion, both of which will be after the Easter Break. She also told the pupils that the boys from 6th class, who are making their Confirmation, have a very important ceremony this Wednesday evening. This is called the Ceremony of Light.

Mr. Clerkin reminded all the boys how to behave when the fire alarm rings and we listened to the different sounds that the school bell and the fire alarm make so that we will know the difference.