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COW Day!

On Wednesday June 18th as part of national bike week and to celebrate national 'Cycle to School Day' we had a huge turn out of bikes and scooters. We were so impressed with over 90 boys cycling to school on the lovely summer morning that we ran out of bike spaces, so we will definitely have to invest in another bike stand!!! Well done to all cyclist on the day.
We ran a raffle for all this who cycled, as well as receiving their coveted cycle on Wednesday (COW) badge, the lucky prizes included a safety helmet, a light set for their bike, as well as bells for their bikes.
Well done to everyone for their continued support of our Green School initiatives. On Thursday we had our last clothes collection of the school year, as well as supporting other notable charities we are also saving these clothes from landfill, a total of over 50 bags were received. This completes the work of year 1 of our travel theme, so be sure and get plenty of walking and cycling in over the summer as we need plenty of energetic feet in the new school year!!
The Green School Committee