Monday, Feb 17th

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Eco Fair

Dr. Sandra Austin from the Science Department in St. Patrick's College came to our school with some of her students to run an Eco-Fair with the two fifth classes. It was a busy and fun packed fair!  The boys had a chance to work at different stations:
Station 1:  Herb Heads: seed-sowing and discussion of herb uses.
Station 2: Guerilla Gardening; Making Seed Bombs (not as aggressive as it sounds!)
Station 3: EcoCircuits - a series of games and physical activities based on (a) the life-cycle of a butterfly, (b) Composting, (c) Food Webs
Station 4: Cress Buddies - more seed-sowing, with associated design and make
Station 5: Paper Pots - making and planting up pots made from newspapers and magazines
Station 6: DIY Bird Feeders - using recycled materials to make your own birdfeeders.
A big thank you to Dr. Austin and her students!