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Transfer To Secondary School

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Some concern has been expressed to the Board in relation to transfer to secondary school.  Transfer to secondary school can be a stressful time for both parents and pupils. Understandably, parents worry about getting a place in the school of their choice and how their child will cope or settle in. Some pupils have the same worries. There is always a fear of the unknown. This is similar to the worry and anxiety experienced when starting primary school or entering any other new situation. It is impossible to eliminate all fears. Learning to change and adapt to new surroundings and routines is part of growing up and maturing which will continue into adulthood and hopefully to the workplace.

Over the years the demographics of the area have changed and what was once in high demand may no longer be as popular.  This will change again and again as trends and circumstances change. Therefore the Board does not favour one secondary school over another. 

It is the right and responsibility of Parents / Guardians to choose a secondary school for their child.  

Every pupil leaving St. Patrick's BNS has found a place in a secondary school. The majority of pupils, but not all, have gone to the school of their first choice .What is certain is that every pupil has been placed. We have no doubt that this will continue for the foreseeable future.  

While St. Patrick's BNS does and will continue to facilitate any secondary school who wish to disseminate information about themselves and their enrolment procedures it is still the responsibility of Parents / Guardians to enrol their child in a secondary school of their choice.

In recent years pupils from St. Patrick's BNS, in varying numbers, have successfully transferred to the following secondary schools (in alphabetical order):-

Ard Scoil Ris, Belvedere College, Blackrock College, Beneavin College, Catholic University School (C.U.S.), Marino College, Mount Temple, O’Connell C.B.S., St. Aidan's C.B.S., St. David's C.B.S., St. Declan's College, St. Joseph’s C.B.S., St. Kevin’s College, St. Patrick's Cathedral Grammar School, St. Paul’s College, St. Vincent's C.B.S., Pobal Scoil Rosmini, Sutton Park School.


All pupils have found places.  



Board of Management

St. Patrick’s BNS