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Staff Overview

Staff 2019/2020


Junior Infants: Ms. Power, Ms. Creegan and Mr. Ryan

Senior Infants: Ms. Quinn, Ms. Tomkins and Ms. Mullally

Junior Language Class: Ms. Rafter

First Class: Ms. Duffy, Ms. O'Sullivan and Mr. Doyle 

Second Class: Mr. Canning and Mr. Moraghan

Third Class: Mr. Carey and Ms. Leahy

Fourth Class: Mr. Skelly and Ms. Adams

Fifth Class: Ms. Sansom and Ms. Collins (Mr. Williams)

Sixth Class: Mr. Moore and Mr. Maguire

Senior Language Class : Ms. Bowe

Special Education Team: Mr. Duffy, Ms. Savage, Ms. Gallagher, Mr. Miller, Ms. Doyle, Ms. Baxter 

Special Needs Assistants: Mairéad Carey, Sandra Missaoui, Mandy Wearon, Anne Dunne, Trish Doyle, Jackie Smith, Anna Wang, Catherine Fitzgerald, Clare Singleton

Principal: Ms. Bassett

Acting Deputy Principal: Mr. Duffy

Secretary: Sharon Rooney

Caretaker: Noel Judd

Speech and Language Therapist: Sinéad Finn